Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Rule of s

Rules of survival. This game is rated 17+ so if you are you can not read this. This game has charters that you use to kill the others players and has a store were the players can open supply crates wich gives you clothing haircuts hats and face looks and can change gender to a girl or a boy. When you play the game you start in a grey plane then jump out of the plane with a parachute gliding down to the map. The map is about 300 times our school
 The player warn there teammates if they see a player so they shoot at the players or they hide and  listen to the gun shots. On the thu the 8 feb there is a new update that has a new map and its 6000 meters wide and up is 5047 meters.
In this new update there is also has new guns. The guns are a veater mp5 m4ia rifle
Hunting rifle snsr shotgun smg and the best gun in the game the FN scar.
And snipers sorry I forgot the name of them. This game is the best game i've played before
In my life. There is another game could pubg stands for player unknown
Battlegrounds. Pubg is a better game on pc and it's going to come out on molie

You can get it but you have to do all this hard work like go and cage the app store to the Chinese store which is to hard for me and maybe you who knows but is is hard and there's a lots of other staff To get it. Pubg also got cool cars a transport like pink tracks .  here is some weird glitches on the game. There is some picks down the page for weird glitches.

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